I use the image of the human figure in an archetypal symbolic mode, drawing on both personal and universal themes. The paintings are about the essence of spiritual energy, about life as a passage, about the intertwining of different emotions; they are also simply about paint.

My approach to painting is gestural, using broad brushstrokes to build luminous color and energy. I scrape into the paint revealing subterranean layers, drawing into it with oil sticks or pastels. I have always loved the feel of paint, the texture and viscosity. My work is about the interaction of process and idea: where splatters, drips, layering, and scraping, as they become part of the image, can lead in different directions, arriving at a point which conveys an expression of human existence in all its many layers and levels.

Starting about five years ago I began experimenting with different surfaces, working on panels rather than canvas. The images contain more drawing into the paint, incorporating writing, words, scribbles, and handprints. I continue to do both series of paintings.

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